A beta version of Scyven with Hyperspectral camera support (and all the features of the regular Scyven) is available for download. This version of Scyven works with the following camera:

Before running the software you will need to have installed the XIMEA API/Driver package. The software is in beta and currently only available for 64 Bit versions of Windows.

The Camera version of Scyven has the following additional features:

  • View live camera view in the following formats:
    • Raw (live sensor image)
    • Colour approximate
    • Individual band (1 – 16)
  • Capture image snapshots
    • Capture images with original bands
    • Spectrally resample images upon capture
  • Adjust camera parameters such as exposure time
  • Export image as ENVI/HDR or HSZ, or process using Scyven

Windows 7 x64 Beta

If you use Scyven please cite the paper:

N. Habili and J. Oorloff, Scyllarus: From Research to Commercial Software, In Proceedings of the ASWEC 2015 24th Australasian Software Engineering Conference, Adelaide, Australia, pp 119-122, September 2015.