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Hyperspectral Image Processing Pipeline
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scyl::illuminant_options Class Reference

illuminant_options is used to give options for the Illuminant recovery option chosen. More...

#include <illuminant.h>

Public Member Functions

 illuminant_options ()
 ~illuminant_options ()

Public Attributes

arma::umat patches
 patches - Used for HRK More...
float alpha
int patch_size
bool filtered_already
 filtered_already - Used for HRK More...
bool fast_50
int order
 order - Used for GE, SG More...
int debug
 debug - Used for all More...

Detailed Description

illuminant_options is used to give options for the Illuminant recovery option chosen.

All of the options within the illuminant_options class have default values, and as such can be used without initialisation (If you don't pass an object to recover_global_illuminant() it will use a default object) See the member variable documentation below for contained options.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

scyl::illuminant_options::illuminant_options ( )
scyl::illuminant_options::~illuminant_options ( )

Member Data Documentation

float scyl::illuminant_options::alpha

alpha - Used for HRK Set using set_illuminant_recovery_alpha() and get using illuminant_recovery_alpha()

int scyl::illuminant_options::debug

debug - Used for all

bool scyl::illuminant_options::fast_50

fast_50 - Used for HRK Use faster Illuminant Recovery method for images with more than 50 bands.

bool scyl::illuminant_options::filtered_already

filtered_already - Used for HRK

int scyl::illuminant_options::order

order - Used for GE, SG

int scyl::illuminant_options::patch_size

patch_size - Used for HRK Illuminant Patch Size (Side length of the patch square used in Illuminant Recovery) (20, 1 : 256)

arma::umat scyl::illuminant_options::patches

patches - Used for HRK

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